With Dr Geoff Higginson, M.S.T.A.T.

Teacher of the Alexander Technique

Geoff has been teaching the Alexander Technique for over 30 years. He is based in Ealing, West London, and has helped hundreds of people get out of pain and improve their wellbeing

What My Clients Have To Say

  • At a low point in my life when chronic asthma was not responding to the usual medication I went to see Geoff as a last resort. He was gentle, sympathetic and got on with his work and began a recovery which has led to better control of the problem than ever before. Latterly his work with my physical disabilities has been done in the same caring way with similar beneficial results. He listens and seems to sense what is needed, and the body responds. I would highly recommend him as an Alexander Teacher and as a person he has a nice sense of humour and a lovely light touch which is very attractive.
    Claire Harbour Claire Harbour
  • I first visited Geoff eighteen months ago, with a long-standing ache in my shoulder. The pain had gone on for so long, I assumed I’d be taking strong painkillers for ever. I didn’t tell him about this problem. I didn’t have to - he identified and worked on the underlying problem, and after the first lesson the pain had  disappeared. I started having lessons regularly, and over the ensuing months the pain came and went, gradually fading, and has now gone. The freedom from this pain has made a huge difference to my piano playing. That was just a starting point. I'm learning so much from him about how to move - and how not to - and as a consequence feel physically better overall, more comfortable in myself and how I move, and importantly am pain-free. Geoff is an insightful and intuitive teacher and I’d recommend  anyone to go and have a lesson with him
    Fiona Nogawa Fiona Nogawa

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