Who can benefit from the Alexander Technique?

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Everybody can benefit from regular Alexander lessons but in order to start one needs motivation.  Most people come because of a particular problem like backache, headaches, poor posture, or just a feeling of tiredness.  Many people suffer from stress and feel that they cannot cope.  Stress can be relieved enormously by work on the table but also one can form a different relationship with it when the body is an ally rather than an enemy.

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Anybody involved in the performing arts can enhance performances with a better coordination.  Alexander showed this with many famous actors and it is particularly striking with musicians.  Not only is there an improvement in the quality of playing there is quite a different sound.  I have worked with several professional violinists who have been in such ongoing pain that they were considering giving up playing.  Subtle changes in arm movements can make apparently deep-rooted neck pain gradually disappear.


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If you see an osteopath or a chiropractor on a regular basis it may be that you are causing the problem by the way that you are doing things.  How do you lift a heavy object?  How do you sit in front of your PC?  Do you have a job which requires you to stand in an awkward position for example dentistry, pottery, wood carving?  No matter which position you have to adopt it can always be improved and your back will benefit.

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Written by Dr Geoff Higginson, M.S.T.A.T