The Positive Internet Company

positive internet company goodposture

One sunny afternoon in the spring of 2001 I received a phone call from Jake Jellineck who said that he ran a web hosting company called the Positive Internet company in Ealing and would I like to go there and explain what the Alexander technique was and how they might benefit from it. He had…

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My Journey With The Alexander Technique

journey with the alexander technique

Before I discovered the Alexander technique I had no connection with either my body or my feelings. I had received a Ph.D. in pure mathematics from Imperial College, London and my only concern was how to think better, how to solve problems using my mind. The only problem I had with my body was when…

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Where does the Alexander Technique come from?

F.M. Alexander was born in Tasmania, Australia in 1869.  He was becoming quite successful as an actor and orator when he began to lose his voice.  During performances he would become so hoarse that he had to stop.  The medical profession could only suggest that he change his career as they could not provide a…

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Who can benefit from the Alexander Technique?

alexander technique who can benefit

Everybody can benefit from regular Alexander lessons but in order to start one needs motivation.  Most people come because of a particular problem like backache, headaches, poor posture, or just a feeling of tiredness.  Many people suffer from stress and feel that they cannot cope.  Stress can be relieved enormously by work on the table…

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